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We appreciate your using “PEPA” - The Pearlized Paper (trade name : PEPA) is a synthetic paper made by using plastic as the basic material and imitates the surface of regular paper. In other words, “PEPA” possesses both plastic characteristics - waterproof, durable, non-tear, stiff - and that of paper, such as good printability. We recommend that you apply PEPA in the domains of flexography, lithography, gravure, screen printing, foil stamping, embossing, cropping, drilling and folding. PEPA can be widely used for the applications given overleaf.
Let PEPA  take you...
Beyond Paper!
PEPA is more than “just” a synthetic. It is a cost effective alternative to “A” Grade art paper and board, with all the advantages of plastic at a highly competitive price! PEPA is more than “just” a paper. It comes in different weights and densities as well. Imagine an entire magazine you could read in a summer thunderstorm - or a car manual resistant to grease and oil! PEPA is the new alternative to paper as far beyond coated paper stock as a computer is beyond an adding machine!